Founded in 2013 Punk Rock Penguin is principally an illustration house that makes T-shirts and cards. However our restless nature means we're always looking for alternative formats for our designs and ideas. 'We' are Sean Parfitt and Angela Hicks, both artists, Chelsea MA and the RCA respectively, though that was a while ago. We still make art work and have exhibited extensively at home and overseas, we both teach art and design and for what it's worth we're married with two children.


All our designs begin as small scale wood or lino cuts that are hand printed using a 19th century Albion press. All of our greetings cards are individually printed this way and our T-shirts are heat transfer prints from high resolution scans.


You can only order existing T-shirts and greetings cards from us on a wholesale basis, however you can commission us to produce a unique print if you like, drop us a line and lets talk about it.


Individual T-shirts are available from Mothers Hub, a shop in London, please visit www.mothershub.co.uk for details.